Scientists have created a "flying carpet" of microfluidic particles

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Today, experts from the University of Pittsburgh presented a very unusual development in the form of ultra-thin 2D material, which has the ability to independently change its shape by reacting with various groups of catalysts. Having received the working name “airplane carpet”, this material is a thin flat layer composed of special ultra-flexible polymers and a liquid that reacts to certain substances and compounds of catalyst substances. Thanks to these chemical reactions, it becomes possible to change the shape of the material.

In principle, this magic carpet-plane is based on the principle of the movement of liquids enclosed between the micro-layers of polymers that make up the material itself – despite the fact that while developers are in no hurry to provide any information about their project, it still becomes it is clear that this technology is very promising. Moreover, given the fact that the preliminary testing of the new material was really excellent way, providing experts with all the possibilities and features of the material.

So, for example, the created flexible 2D material can be controlled by the point effect of the catalysts on polymers and liquids contained in its various sections – which ultimately allows to achieve a heterogeneous and directed in different directions and patterns of material movement. Thus, scientists have a real chance not only to improve this technology, but also to further apply it in more complex and complex experiments, which undoubtedly are very much interested in specialists from Pittsburgh.

In addition, this type of 2D materials has an excellent degree of conductivity, which at the same time can be blocked by exposure to the polymer component of the material – which allows in theory to modify its work so that it can be used in a variety of processes and tasks. It remains only to wait for the moment of final confirmation of success on the part of specialists regarding their development.

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