Scientists from New Mexico are working on a vaccine against Alzheimer's syndrome

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Alzheimer's disease is one of the most potent and dangerous neurodegenerative diseases that affect brain function and can significantly affect the underlying brain functions — millions of people around the world are susceptible to this disease. However, today a team of experienced microbiology specialists from the University of New Mexico notified the world community that they may have found a way to significantly prevent the development of this disease – mainly by preventing the formation of so-called tau shoots in key brain neurones. And we are talking about a special vaccine.

Tau shoots are special organic compounds formed by the accumulation and functioning of tau proteins – which are considered to be the number one factor in the development of a neurodegenerative disease, in particular Alzheimer's syndrome. For quite a long time, scientists around the world tried to find an answer to the question of how to prevent such accumulation, and now experts from New Mexico have notified the public that the vaccine is already under development – although it is still pure theoretical

However, its preliminary version has already been tested on experimental mice, which were previously induced symptoms similar to Alzheimer's syndrome. As a result of this experiment, it was revealed that the new experimental vaccine actually successfully and quickly blocks the accumulation of a large amount of tau proteins, and also does not allow the remaining proteins to form tau shoots – which could be the reason for such great success.

It is worth noting the fact that despite all these moments, it is difficult to say how successful the vaccine will be at the time of its release – if this output is generally held. In addition, the team of scientists is also left to conduct several additional sessions and experiments on the modification and modification of a vaccine in order to fully bring its functionality to the actual scenario.

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