Scientists from MIT have discovered a rare phenomenon of quantum physics in a semimetal

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Quantum physics continues to surprise many researchers with the most diverse options and configurations for the interaction and interconversion of various compounds, however, there are some processes that are extremely difficult to study, mainly because of their secretive nature. So the so-called con-anomaly, which is a good example of such processes, was demonstrated and studied a little on the example of a metal compound called tantalum phosphate – which, in turn, belongs to the class of Weyl semimetals, which have enhanced electrical properties in quantum conditions.

All these complex names can essentially be simplified to one simple question – how can the stability and severity of quantum interconversions be improved in conditions of using various metals and semimetals? Here the mentioned con-anomaly comes in handy, which explains the unusual interaction of electrons with phonons, the latter of which are vibrations passing through crystalline material (the semimetal itself).

It was previously assumed that similar interactions and related anomalies can occur only in the most active metals and metal compounds such as graphene, however, a current study by MIT experts has clearly demonstrated that similar complex quantum processes can occur in less active materials. Thus, having discovered this anomaly and having managed to observe some micro-processes, MIT experts are now confident that they will be able to apply this knowledge in the field of creating even more productive quantum materials and technologies.

Considering that the technology of quantum computers is getting closer and closer to its final commercial form every year, it becomes clear that soon such results and observations can become something like a new base for constructing new quantum materials or devices using different quantum principles. However, in reality it may not be quite so, since this topic is very extensive and complex.

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