Scientists from Canada have created a device to combat snoring

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A team of specialists from Simon Fraser University invented a new device that will prevent the occurrence of snoring and also collect data about a person’s sleep. The equipment is attached under the chin in a special bandage of matter and does not cause discomfort.

A new tool makes it impossible to snore due to the fact that the airways open, as it prevents the tongue from falling. In addition, the equipment will be synchronized with the smartphone and transmit data about the person’s sleep to it. In this way, a person not only gets rid of snoring, but also controls vital processes during rest.

This device has not yet been released to the market, as clinical studies have not been completed. It will be possible to talk about the expediency of using the device only after its effect has been tested on the person.

It should be noted that this is not the first device that scientists have developed to combat snoring. Two years ago, experts invented a method of treatment with rubber bands that are implanted in the tongue. They do not cause inconvenience, because they are quickly overgrown. The new device promises to be much more efficient and more convenient than previous analogues.



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