Scientists experiment with encapsulation of oral hepatitis B vaccine

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Hepatitis B is a fairly common and dangerous disease that infects millions of people around the world every year – especially children who suffer from deaths in developing countries often reach tens of thousands per year. And despite the fact that mankind has long been aware of the invasive type of vaccination against all forms of hepatitis, yet this form is not completely universal, especially in developing countries, where the problem of health care is particularly acute. That is why a team of medical researchers from Niels Bohr University and the University of São Paulo decided to create a new type of such vaccine, making it oral.

And this is indeed a commendable undertaking, since it is extremely difficult to create a fully effective type of vaccine while retaining its useful properties in the form of an oral medicine, primarily because of the need to find suitable material for the protective shell of the vaccine. Few materials can be useful in order to protect the vaccine from the digestive system until a certain moment is needed, and therefore the joint research team decided to focus on the silicon shell called SBA-15, which is both a capsulation material and a method of this capsulation.

After going through a lot of options for a variety of protective shells, experts conducted tests and determined what the shell and the SBA-15 encapsulation technique is most promising. Despite the fact that scientists are not in a hurry to share the details, it is known that the technique combines X-rays and neutron imaging.

Thus, they managed to create a truly excellent and highly effective way of encapsulating their oral hepatitis B vaccine — perhaps in the very near future, scientists will begin clinical trials on animals, because they need to be sure exactly how reliable this experimental capsule is. and multilateral in its defense.

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