Scientists Create New Anti-Greenhouse Cattle Feed

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Greenhouse gas is a really big article on the environmental pollution of our planet – and therefore it comes as no surprise that many research teams around the world are actively working on ways to, if not get rid of it, then at least significantly reduce its production. And today, employees of the Spanish Polytechnic University in Valencia presented their new project, aimed primarily at agricultural waste and livestock raised, because they proposed the creation of a new feed for livestock, which contains substances that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from animal intestinal gases.

At the heart of the new feed is proposed to use a combination of rice fiber and leaves of an orange or lemon tree. The fact is that preliminary tests of these ingredients, coupled with third-party chemical catalysts, have demonstrated that they can actually reduce the level of methane and greenhouse gas emitted – this applies not only to the intestinal gases of animals, but also to gases generated during the burning of agricultural waste.

Then scientists from Spain conducted the second stage of research on live cows and found that feed containing these ingredients can reduce greenhouse gas production from 8 to 22%, which in itself is a fairly high indicator and can to some extent serve as a confident evidence that such feed can in fact soon begin to be used on a large scale. So far, a team of Spanish researchers is conducting secondary studies aimed at finding any potential side effects of this feed for the health of cows and other livestock.

But so far, no particularly noticeable side effects have occurred, which allows us to hope that the development of the new feed presented will indeed become one of the most promising and interesting in the very near future. In particular, if we talk about the proper distribution of rice fiber in combination with other food additives, contributing to a significantly smaller amount of greenhouse gas emitted.

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