Scientists conducted a test with genetically modified pigs

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The classic swine flu virus is a real scourge for all pigs and pig farms, because this type of virus very quickly destroys most of the pigs that become ill with them. One of the most traditional approaches to counteracting the disease is mass vaccination of pigs, but this approach has a number of notable limitations – firstly, it cannot always be applied to all pigs, and secondly, studies are still being conducted on how such vaccination affects human health. It is for this purpose that specialists from Vijin University in China presented their way to combat this virus.

Their method consists in the genetic vaccination of pigs – namely, the introduction of a special complex of antibodies in pigs, with the help of which their immune system can more effectively fight the influenza virus and even conquer its development. Moreover, in their technological package of measures, the genetic nature of vaccination is traced – that is, they strive to give pigs the opportunity to transmit these antibodies according to their pedigree, thereby giving birth to offspring that were initially protected from the influenza virus.

To do this, they use a combination of the CRISPR-Cas9 tool, with which you can modify and change individual genomic regions of a living organism, as well as special RNA antibodies that previously demonstrated a high level of resistance to the virus. The experiments were carried out mainly on pig embryos, and the results were included in a special cross-reference type of systematization for more accurate indicators.

The results of the experiment showed that the vast majority of genetically modified embryos, which were introduced with the corresponding RNA components, showed an increased level of resistance to viral cells, thus, experts clearly proved that CRISPR-Cas9 can be used in such a stream. It remains only to wait for the final results of the presented experiment and already speak about them for sure.

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