Scientists are exploring the link between cancer and hair dye

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Oncological diseases are quite dangerous for their rapid progression and a whole set of side effects that somehow affect the general level of health – and they arise not only as a result of abuse of some bad habits, but also other, more neutral ones. This conclusion was made by a team of researchers from the U.S. National Institute of Health, who analyzed the relationship between cancer risk and the use of hair dyes and hair straighteners on an ongoing basis – with breast cancer at the center of the study, which affects not only women but also men.

However, to maintain the purity of the study and its statistics, specialists focused on a specific group of people – black women whose sisters were previously diagnosed with one or another variant of breast cancer. The study is called the Sister Study and focuses on identifying potential genetic markers during the use of hair straighteners and dyes.

According to preliminary data from more than 46 thousand patients, it was found that on average in this category of people, the chance of developing and developing breast cancer is increased by 46%, even if they do not have a immediate family member with a similar genetic predisposition to oncology. For white women, their oncological risk is at a much lower rate of 7%, which can be partly explained by the presence of other genes and genetic variants, as well as the lack of a genetic predisposition to breast cancer in general.

Despite such accurate indicators, scientists from the US National Institute of Health plan to conduct some additional research on this subject and establish the most accurate relationship between the dyes and chemical compounds in them and the risk of developing cancer. But at this point in time, this study concerns mainly black women whose sisters have an oncological diagnosis.

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