Schizophrenia may be a side effect of brain development.

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Judging by the latest research by Australian scientists, such an unpleasant and dangerous syndrome as schizophrenia could be a consequence of the late development of the human brain – this was the conclusion of the team of neuroscientists from the Flory Institute for the Study of Neuroscience at the University of Melbourne. They claim that, judging by the results of their research, schizophrenia can be defined as a “side effect” of brain development. An article about such an interesting theory by Australian scientists has already been published in the schizophrenia Schizophrenia, where scientists describe the process of searching for altered genes in the brain of thirty people who died for various reasons.

Scientists note that in support of this theory says the fact of finding altered genes in the very peak part of the frontal cortex – namely, this part of the human brain has developed most recently, and it is he who distinguishes a person from other living beings on Earth. It is believed that schizophrenia syndrome occurs when various external factors – including potent medications and injuries – provoke structural changes in the work of the genes responsible for the work of the anterior part of the brain.

Despite the fact that so far this process has not been studied, a team of Australian scientists suggests that it is the peak part of the front cortex that takes the brunt. They came to such conclusions when they found in the brain of people suffering from schizophrenia 566 traces of altered genes, while these traces were not observed in healthy people.

This will allow even deeper insight into the mechanism of the origin and development of schizophrenia from the point of view of the work of individual brain genes responsible for the development and functioning of the anterior part of the brain. In addition, experts from Melbourne noted the presence of 97 altered genes in the brains of some people suffering from this ailment, which also indirectly confirms the theory that schizophrenia could be a consequence of altered brain development. Thus, the findings of a team of Australian neuroscientists will allow us to look at schizophrenia – as well as a number of other neuro-diseases – from a completely new point of view, offering a more detailed analysis.

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