Schizophrenia can be the result of childhood injuries.

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An international research team analyzed the clinical picture of 29 people who have a personal history of schizophrenic disorders. It was found that in almost all patients in their personal history, more precisely, in childhood, there were cases of severe psychiatric injuries. In this case we are talking about sexual, physical and moral violence. Moreover, it is noted that there were both one-time injuries of this nature and a systematic impact on the child by adults or peers.

It is also noted that the experienced sexual abuse in childhood, in adulthood, turns not only schizophrenic, but also delusional disorders. It has not yet been established whether the nature of the injury affects the severity of the psychiatric illness in adulthood.

Scientists who conducted this study hope that such results from clinical trials can help in the development of new treatments. However, it is too early to talk about this: at the moment, work is underway on this project, and no causal connection has been established. People who have such injuries in their personal history need to be more attentive to their health, and in the event of certain personal problems, contact specialists.



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