Saturated fats can provoke depression

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It is no secret that the right diet is the key to a long and high-quality life – but many scientists and specialists in intestinal biology continue to argue about which type of diet is most appropriate and interesting in this aspect. However, a new study by experts from the University of Glasgow today illustrated the opposite question – what should not you eat to be happy and healthy. In the new study, experts focused on how the consumption of a high proportion of saturated fat can affect a person’s psychological state, in particular, his ability to experience depression, which is one of the most difficult in the treatment of ailments.

Indeed, a similar question was previously raised repeatedly by many other researchers and specialists who in one way or another investigated this potential relationship. With regard to the new study, it indicates that the consumption of a high number of saturated fats – derived mainly from animal products – most likely leads to the development of a depressive state.

They substantiated their conclusions on the basis of the results of an experiment conducted on experimental rodents, whose diet consisted predominantly of saturated fat — they began to show a markedly larger percentage of depressive symptoms. Scientists explain this relationship in such a way that saturated fats have the ability to penetrate important brain centers responsible for regulating the mental state and deactivate or modify some of the most important functions of these departments – which leads to serious impairments in the human mental state.

It should be noted that these results somehow illustrate the fact that saturated fats can not only seriously affect the intestinal environment, but also the brain, which makes them especially dangerous substances – of course, subject to their systematic consumption and the presence of more than 60% in That or other diet.

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