Salmonella in the U.S. can be transmitted through taco seasoning

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The outbreak of salmonella in the United States continues and scientists continue to search for its most acute and potential dangerous sources – and today, a new statistical study from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, together with specialists from the US Federal Food and Drug Administration, presented such a new source . We are talking about the fact that one of the sources of salmonellosis can be special sets of spices and seasonings for tacos distributed by William Foods, which is one of the largest sellers of such products in the United States.

A preliminary investigation revealed that it was William Foods’s taco condiment that was one of the sources of salmonellosis — it’s worth noting that the condiments themselves belonged to the supplier Mincing Spice Co., who also managed to go through a court hearing and litigation discovered food vulnerability. Moreover, seasoned samples of tacos seasoned for examination offered a wider picture of the spread of the disease, namely the possibility that many previously seasoned seasonings from third-party sellers could also be infected with this virus, since Mincing Spice Co. It is not only William Foods who supplies such condiments.

All this was discovered and published in the initial report of specialists on July 25, when employees of the Federal Commission for Food and Drug Quality Control identified some similarities directly related to the development of salmonellosis in various states and compared these cases with specific patients.

It is still unclear, however, how strong the relationship between the seasonings presented for tacos and salmonellosis itself is here – however, it can be assumed that both Federal Commissions will soon present a kind of final decision on what should be taken to effectively prevent the development of salmonellosis from such products

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