"Safe doses" of alcohol can be dangerous

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It is no secret that alcohol has its own risks and harmful effects on the body – especially when it is abused. However, a new study from Cornwall University in the UK decided to take a fresh look at the relationship between alcohol use and self-control, which can be a really key factor for drivers. In some countries of the world – including the UK – the state sets a fairly loyal indicator of the maximum allowable alcohol in the blood, and this causes a lot of concern from human rights and medical organizations, as well as from drivers and pedestrians – which is what the new study says.

In particular, the study focused on identifying how drinking even a very small amount of alcohol — about one pint of beer or a glass of wine — can affect the individual's psychological, emotional, and intellectual behavior. After conducting several sessions of tests on mentally and physically healthy volunteers, most of whom are also drivers, scientists from the Cornwall University concluded that the use of even “safe” doses of alcohol can lead to significant changes in people's behavior, depending on or other external factor or trigger.

Moreover, even these triggers become more tangible and influential, according to preliminary research results, which may incur an increased risk of unjustified or completely dangerous behavior while driving or in public space.

Thus, a new study by British experts indicates the need to further reduce the maximum allowable amount of alcohol in the blood, or to completely eliminate it – which, of course, under the current UK legislation in this context will be very difficult. Nevertheless, experts continue to pursue their goals.

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