Russia intends to launch testing of a vaccine against COVID-19

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Today, rather unusual and at the same time alarming information has been received that Russian researchers and doctors have allegedly completed preliminary tests of their new vaccine against the new type of coronavirus COVID-19, and are already intending to launch it on a mass distribution throughout the country – even before the vaccine itself has passed the so-called third phase of clinical-type testing. This means that in the third stage of preparing any kind of vaccine, researchers conduct long and numerous studies on humans with their consent, which becomes possible after everyone is convinced that there are no dangers on its part.

However, Russian researchers, apparently, decided not to waste time on this stage, according to some of the most authoritative insiders and reports from Russia itself – and if this is true, then such a vaccine cannot but cause a certain amount of alarm, since the lack of a fully prepared and the third stage means that the vaccine may have some rather unpleasant, if not even dangerous, side effects.

The fact that it was the Russian Federation that was the first in the world to present a kind of vaccine against a new type of coronavirus, of course, cannot but raise its prestige in this sense, but the international scientific and medical community, represented by many organizations, fears that Russian researchers and scientists have conducted not enough time to improve and optimize the final chemical formula of the vaccine. Because most of the insiders say that Russian researchers have decided to skip many important phases of the study.

Nevertheless, for now it remains to await the final completion of work on this vaccine and subsequent news as to whether the Russian health care system will indeed begin to massively distribute the vaccine and make it available to the general population. It is assumed that this will be preceded by a specially prepared research plan, but this information is still in the status of assumptions.

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