Romaine lettuce reviews again occurred in the US

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Today, representatives of the Federal Food and Drug Administration of the United States again shared information about a new phase of recalling romaine lettuce in several states of the country – this time it is also about another outbreak of salmonellosis infection, but now Commission representatives indicate that a new outbreak is not as dangerous as the previous ones, limited to an exclusively local distribution – in addition, in the new case of salmonellosis, we are talking about a fairly small amount of infected lettuce, which is hardly available in such a large volume for purchase.

It is worth noting the fact that another recall of romaine lettuce is directly related to the manufacturer Dole Fresh Vegetables, which independently analyzed the condition of its products and came to the conclusion that a certain part of it was in fact infected, however, now we are not talking about the most dangerous species of bacteria E. Coli, which, although they are dangerous, are still characterized by a relatively low rate of spread.

It is worth noting that the new phase of recalling romaine lettuce is somehow connected with the need to conduct a detailed internal investigation into how well and efficiently the internal laboratory of Dole Fresh Vegetables is doing its job. Not to mention that the company, for its part, is interested in stopping the further spread of this infection, pointing out the fact that it will most likely involve using a truly excellent and multifunctional approach in its investigation.

At this point in time, it remains only to wait for the official news on the further intentions and actions of Dole Fresh Vegetables, because the next stage of the outbreak of salmonellosis – albeit a local one – is something really indicative within the framework of the general problem of maintaining a high level of quality and safety of individual food products in the United States. However, the company may still have its doubts on this score, so it remains to await the final decision.

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