Revealed the relationship between taste and brain

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Despite the fact that neuroscientists somehow understand how the process of recognizing different feelings and sensations in the brain occurs, it is still quite difficult for them to answer the question of exactly where this or that process occurs in the brain. For example, in relation to the recognition of a particular taste, a variety of areas and regions of the brain may be affected, and therefore a team of specialists from the University of Cornwall presented their new research in this regard – experts studied the patterns of activity of different regions of the brain when determining one or another type of taste language. And the results were predictably unpredictable!

The fact is that earlier scientists proved the fact that the highest brain activity in the analysis and processing of a particular type of taste in a language occurs precisely in the area of ​​the so-called insular cortex. However, other aspects remained elusive, mainly due to the use of relatively outdated research methods. But now, combining in their study a new type of computer analysis and high-precision MRI, experts determined that considerable brain activity in the analysis of taste sensations also occurs in such brain regions as the frontal gill, parietal and orbitofrontal cortex of the brain.

This means that the analysis and determination of taste sensations is a much more complex and complex neurobiological procedural aspect than previously thought, and therefore scientists are not yet ready to talk about any definite and deterministic results of their research, limited only by the fact that this process is many sites.

And it becomes a predictable outcome, since previously a similar experiment-research was conducted by experts from Columbia University – although they came to even less accurate data. Whatever it was, this study and its results demonstrate that the processing of tastes and characteristics becomes really complex and perhaps the most multidimensional neurobiological concept.

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