Researchers used DNA to determine the origin of the Incas

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Genetic researchers at the University of San Martin de Porresit in Lima, Peru, today presented a very unusual genetic study on the issue of finding the genetic progenitors of the people of the Inca civilization – one of the most mysterious and highly developed civilizations of Ancient America. It was the Incas who demonstrated the highest level of culture and technology before the arrival of the Spanish colonists in the 16th century, so the search for their genetic material-ancestor can answer many interesting questions about the development of similar tribal societies in South America, as repeatedly stated by the project manager, Ricardo Fujita.

An article with the results of an experimental study of Fuhita has already been published in the scientific journal Molecular Genetics and Genomics, where experts have explained in detail all aspects of their study. Led by professors of genetic sciences Ricardo Fujita and Jose Sandoval, the team conducted a comprehensive genetic study for many months, which involved more than 3,000 people living in the Tahuantinsuyu region and near the Titiaka River – since these places were the alleged beginning of the Inca civilization.

They managed to reduce the number of similar genetic portraits of modern residents of these regions from the ancient DNA of the Inca aristocracy to 200 people – and they found that it was these regions that really served as the first impetus to the development of civilization. In addition, they managed to prove that the first representatives of civilization lived in the region of Mount Pakaritambo.

Thus, geneticists were able to establish the exact geographical areas and goals with which the large-scale development of the Incan civilization began in all its glory – in addition, they really find a few people whose DNA is very close to that of the ancient Inca aristocracy, which in itself cannot but surprise. They can only conduct additional tests to find additional locations where various artifacts of the spiritual and material culture of the Incas can be detected.

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