Replacing red meat with vegetable protein reduces the risk of early death.

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Many people know that red meat, despite its taste and useful trace elements, can nevertheless position a certain threat to human health in the long term – many previous studies in the field of nutrition have repeatedly demonstrated the relationship between consumption of red meat and risk factors for various heart diseases. and blood. However, today's research by nutritionists from Purdue University in the United States went even further and touched on such an important aspect as the potential possibility of replacing red meat with something else in the diet of an average person, such as vegetable protein.

Vegetable protein has also managed to prove itself, but from the opposite side, it is associated with a more balanced and healthy diet, which was also confirmed by other studies. Thus, specialists from Purdue University wanted to find out whether the replacement of red meat with vegetable protein would help to significantly improve the physiological state of the subjects-people who voluntarily took part in the experiment.

Having observed the two control groups – but of which consumed red meat, and the second vegetable protein instead – experts found that the second group had significantly less risk factors for the occurrence of various cardiovascular diseases, as well as lower blood pressure and triglycerides . The latter may directly indicate a reduced risk of developing cardiovascular and blood diseases, which in itself answers the question of whether it makes sense to switch from red meat to vegetable protein on a regular basis of nutrition.

On the other hand, nutritionists note that the findings of the experiment may demonstrate something else – for example, the fact that such indicators of improvement are more characteristic of people who have a prominent level in their diets, so that sooner or later scientists will make another attempt to clarify the mechanism of such a physiological change with respect to triglycerides.

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