Regular sleep deprivation triggers dementia

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Researchers from the Uppsala University of Sweden have proven that non-compliance with day and night provokes the growth of proteins that can cause such a terrible disease as Alzheimer's. To date, it has already been proven that one night without sleep can cause serious changes in the human body.

The thing is that protein, when accumulated in the brain, begins to be deposited in blood vessels and tissues, which is an obstacle to the optimal functioning of neurons: after some time, the nerve endings begin to atrophy and subsequently die off completely. The studies were conducted among volunteers whose average age was about 20 years: the participants were completely healthy, which allowed us to establish an objective result.

For two days and one night, the subjects were in a special laboratory, but they did not sleep at night. Scientists carried out continuous monitoring of the condition of young people, while several times a day the subjects took blood for analysis.

According to the results of studies, it was found that at night, the concentration of tau protein in young people increased by almost a quarter, which is a clear sign indicating the negative effect of lack of sleep. If a person observes the daily routine, then during sleep, protein deposits are removed from the brain, but with prolonged wakefulness this substance accumulates in the tissues, causing memory problems and other, more serious, disorders.



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