Red wine helps improve intestinal biome

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A new study from the Royal College in London regarding the relationship between alcohol and the diversity of the intestinal biome today replenished with a new stage of the study and its first results – in particular, London scientists have analyzed data collected from more than 900 twin women living in the UK who have consumed different types of alcohol for several months. The study concerned the possibility of establishing a potential relationship between the health and diversity of intestinal bacteria and the use of various types of alcohol in small quantities – and the results were really interesting.

As the results of the study showed, those of the twin women who consumed red wine throughout the experiment turned out to be healthier on average – this primarily affected the state of their intestinal bacteriological environment and cholesterol levels, which, by the way, were significantly lower compared to those subjects who drank beer or other drinks. In addition, scientists also noticed that the level of fatty acids and fat as a whole gradually decreased, in some cases showing a significant gap between red wine and any other alcoholic drink.

To decipher such amazing results, scientists propose a theory about the multidimensional effect of polyphenols – special chemicals found in many plants, including black grapes, which play the most significant role in improved optimization and regulation of the intestinal bacteriological environment.

It is worth noting that the red wine illustrated in the framework of this study was consumed in small quantities and with all the attention paid to various types of diets and medical observations – because the presence of any kind of alcohol in the daily diet somewhat increases the likelihood of catching a heart attack, for example. However, the good news is that such a rich set of polyphenols can be found in many other plants and cultures, so there is definitely an alternative.

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