Recycled tires can improve concrete quality

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Today, material engineering specialists from the University of Sheffield in the UK presented their new development – or rather, a new iteration of an existing development. We are talking about creating a special protective layer for concrete, composed mainly of base polypropylene, which in turn, scientists have suggested collecting from old and unclaimed automobile tires. Despite the fact that at first there was a lot of skepticism around the experts' proposal, now everyone can make sure that their idea of ​​using this type of primitive polypropylene to protect concrete from cracks works fine!

It is called “primitive” only because the polypropylene presented is basic and is easily found in most fibers of this type of mixed material, like a car tire, in comparison with the special three-layer polypropylene used to keep the concrete surface from cracks caused by excessive heat. Concrete, despite its refractoriness, is nevertheless very susceptible to cracks when exposed to a large mass of heat – which is due to the accumulation of liquid in the concrete structure.

Using the same base polypropylene fibers found in conventional old car tires, British material engineering experts found that this fluid successfully overcomes the standard barriers of the concrete structure and passes through a layer of rubber attached to the concrete surface. Thus, the tire works as a kind of filter, preventing further decay of the internal concrete structure. However, experts seek to conduct some parallel studies.

For example, in order to achieve even greater savings, they seek to find out which type of such a car tire in its composition can be the most suitable and effective for use as concrete protection. In the same sense, it becomes clear that further work on the adaptation of this material as a protective material will continue.

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