Quick walk lovers are more likely to live longer.

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A recently published study from the Leicester Biomedical Research Institute in the UK demonstrated a rather unusual and revealing relationship between walking speed and life expectancy – in particular, the new study aims to shed light on some specific factors and effects of systematic physical exertion on the human body. After conducting their preliminary studies, British experts noticed that faster than usual walking really statistically increases the life expectancy of the people studied – despite the fact that people of different ages and weights participated in the statistical base, from those who weigh less than what is needed to who suffer from obesity.

Thus, preliminary data on the basis of studying the cases of more than 475 thousand participants in the experiment – which, by the way, lasted for about ten years – demonstrated that brisk walking directly affects the increase in human longevity. First of all, as the experts themselves indicate, this is due to the additional activation of the cardiovascular system and the circulatory system, which begin to remain in a more active and uninterrupted state for a longer time than those of people who walk slowly or at a normal speed.

In particular, the biggest difference became noticeable in people suffering from some form of obesity, so scientists talk about a noticeable statistical difference – and in people who were not obese, the level of cardiac activity increased markedly, which is one of the most important factors for increasing the duration life in the long run, thus increasing the initial threshold to 80 years for men and women.

Although the illustrated results are approximate even in statistical measurement – for completeness and accuracy of the picture, scientists also want to conduct several additional observational experiments in which they intend to find out other aspects of this relationship – which surprises more and more!

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