Psilocybin has proven effective against migraines

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The use of psilocybin as a primary drug and compound for treating a wide range of chronic pain is indeed curious and promising, but there is still very limited evidence to support the effectiveness of psilocybin. Much of this research is based on the fact that microdosing psilocybin is something really interesting when included with some additional drugs, but a new study from Yale University has shown the opposite trend – psilocybin may be quite independent.

The fact is that scientists from Yale University have investigated various effective ways to combat migraines and other similar chronic conditions – having tested and tracked a large number of various drugs, scientists settled on the use of psilocybin as the main and most promising candidate. First, the team of scientists selected several volunteers suffering from chronic migraines to conduct a comparative experiment, which at the first stage consisted in the fact that the volunteers would keep a so-called migraine diary, every day for two weeks of the experiment, describing their condition and characteristics of the course of migraines.

And then the scientists divided the volunteers into two groups, the first of which took a placebo, and the second took psilocybin in very small doses. After the two weeks indicated, scientists carefully examined the psychological and physical condition of the participants in the experiment and came to an interesting conclusion.

It turned out that the use of microdoses of psilocybin can significantly reduce the level and frequency of chronic headaches already after the first day of the experiment, but it is worth noting the fact that a truly noticeable improvement was observed when psilocybin was combined with some additional drugs. Be that as it may, but this compound has now firmly won the interest of researchers in the context of the effective fight against various chronic pain.

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