Prototypes of selected antibiotics created

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It is worth noting that antibiotics themselves are a really powerful and effective response to many diseases – however, they have such an unpleasant aspect as the ability to hurt the work and beneficial bacteria, which can fundamentally upset the regulation of the immune system and intestinal microbiome. The development of special antibiotics that could not touch the beneficial bacteria has been going on for quite some time – and today it became known that the combined team of microbiology specialists from Duke University and the University of Constanta were able to reproduce two synthetic antibiotics that actually only target harmful bacteria.

In these two independent studies, however, something similar slips through – firstly, the fact that both studies focus on the isolation of a particular substance from other families of bacteria to properly control harmful bacteria. And secondly, in connection with this approach, experts found a way to further stabilize the action of antibiotics, in fact, by teaching them to bypass the useful and necessary intestinal bacteria. In the first study, experts were able to create an antibiotic that can effectively destroy the bacteria molecules Moraxella catarrhalis, which is often hidden behind various ear inflammations – while the antibiotic actually managed to effectively bypass beneficial intestinal bacteria.

And in a second study, scientists presented a slightly improved formula for a standard malaria vaccine that targets a parasite and interrupts the full-length cycle of its action, depending on which microbes it encounters.

Such “smart” drugs simply cannot but be interesting and potentially decisive for the development of the medicine of the future – especially if we talk about creating new families of safer and correct antibiotics by all standards. It remains only to wait for the confirmation of this information from the specialists themselves and guess what project they will take next time – it is assumed that in the next work they will want to improve the effect of the current configuration of antibiotics.

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