Protein shakes are not as healthy as they say.

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Protein shakes have become an integral part of the nutrition of many athletes, because, according to the manufacturers, they contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals.

Scientists decided to check this fact. As a result of a series of clinical studies, it was found that these foods contain such extremely dangerous substances for the body as bisphenol, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxic substances. It is these chemical compounds that lead to the fact that extremely dangerous pathological processes, including oncological ones, begin in the human body.

Scientific experts tested the composition of several of the most well-known protein products for athletes and found that 74% of the mixtures contained cadmium, 70% lead, and 55% contained BPA. In a small amount, but nevertheless, mercury, arsenic, and pesticides were found.

Moreover, the scientists who conducted the study also found dangerous substances in powder protein mixtures. At the moment, it is not yet established whether there are toxins and other, to put it mildly, not useful compounds in products of another type. Further clinical studies will be conducted regarding such foods. In any case, to abuse the various protein mixtures is not worth it.



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