Protein identified that uncovers the link between stress and depression

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A rather interesting study has emerged today looking at how strongly depression and irritability can be linked together as two separate mental factors in the functioning of the brain – given that many researchers are still puzzling over these two conditions, it becomes clear why research in this area are so high priority and promising. In particular, neuroscientists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden presented the results of their new study, which illustrated exactly which component in the brain may contain the answer to this question.

The fact is that with prolonged stress, many people run the risk of developing a clinical type of depression in one way or another – not to mention the fact that in this way they significantly increase their chances of developing some very negative brain patterns. By examining the various compounds and chemical components in the brain associated with the hormones cortisol and adrenaline – which are often observed with prolonged stress – the scientists concluded that none other than the p11 protein, which regulates the production of serotonin, actually has significantly more a wide range of actions and opportunities.

In particular, after several studies and experiments, it became known that the p11 protein actually significantly increases resistance to prolonged stress by suppressing the production of norepinephrine and, in parallel, increases the production of serotonin, interacting directly with the hypothalamus. And this approach can rightfully be considered the most balanced.

It is worth noting that the p11 protein itself is not a well-studied compound, and therefore it is too early to say how exactly it can be used as the main component for the treatment of depression and other similar moments. Nevertheless, the research team says that it will most likely try to significantly improve current antidepressants in the future by introducing the properties and features of the p11 protein into them, including all of its moments.

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