Preservative impaired to protect flu vaccine detected

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Vaccination is a really important and necessary aspect of the healthy and harmonious development of the human body, which begins in childhood. However, even such simple and powerful types of vaccination as flu vaccines can give up their positions with regard to protecting the body and its immune system in some cases – and a certain food can be one of those cases. Today, a team of molecular biology specialists from several research centers and the University of the United States presented their new study on the impact of a popular food preservative on the overall effectiveness of the influenza vaccine.

We are talking specifically about the preservative called tert-butylhydroquinone – abbreviated tBHQ – which is most often found in those foods that go through freeze processing or that should initially be stored for a long time. Most often it is fast food and convenience foods in the form of potato chips, frozen fish and meat, as well as a number of snacks and frozen foods of another type.

Studying its effects on the human body and its immune system, scientists have concluded that the tBHQ compound can have a very negative effect on the effect of the influenza vaccine, weakening not only its protection, but also contributing to a faster resorption of harmful enzymes due to the consumption of the above-mentioned products. . Thus, this preservative, which occurs quite often – but not always detectable on the product packaging – may in one way or another cause a weakening of the immune system and suppression of its defensive reaction against various viral strains of influenza, especially if we are talking about a general weakening of immunity. .

Preservatives in general do not differ particularly positive properties, but not all of them have been fully studied even by the current moment, which makes us rather cautious in choosing one or another food product. However, the scientists who came to such conclusions indicate the need for some parallel and additional research in this area.

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