Presents a way to influence the development of microbes

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Evolution is a truly incredible and fascinating observation process, which in one way or another is increasingly amenable to new scientific research and experiments over time. Opened in the 90s. last century, by France Arnold, the ability to modify the course of development of microbes in order to change their final species was a new step on the way to this full-scale change in the cultivation of new compounds and artificial molecules. So today, a team of microbiological researchers from the University of Cultec decided to present the results of their new work on facilitating the cultivation of new antibiotics based on natural molecules.

In particular, we are talking about the so-called beta-lactam rings, which are rather complex atomic rings in their structure, which can directly affect the ability of bacteria to formulate a natural biological defense for themselves – which means that this can be used in a number of other tasks and purposes . In particular, experts experimented with the possibility of growing these rings without the need for special “final” molecules, which literally indicate the way to complete the chemical chain of beta-lactams.

And they succeeded by growing a direct enzyme called P450 by direct evolution, which caused the generation of new beta-lactam rings without the use of additional aggravating molecules and energy – thereby making the process of creating new antibiotics much easier, faster and more stable, which is no less important aspect, especially considering the fact that future research will most likely be.

In addition, specialists from the University of Cultec are also planning another round of research related to the ability to replace these enzymes with even more flexible, easy-to-manage molecules, since in this way the process of creating and removing new drugs can be significantly accelerated. It remains only to wait for further news regarding this.

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