Presents a hydrogel that feeds on moisture

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The fight against humidity in many hot Asian countries is becoming one of the most important priorities in achieving everyday comfort – that is why a talented team of specialists from the National Singapore University decided to contribute to this matter. Today, the first results of testing their new hydrogel have appeared, which has the ability to draw moisture from the air, thereby making the East Asian climate more pleasant and in addition to this, it can significantly cool the rooms when applied to a wall or ceiling. As preliminary results show, this hydrogel may well become the most rational and inexpensive solution in this matter.

Experts led by Professor Tan Sui Ching demonstrated how effectively the hydrogel based on zinc oxide created by them works, which allows it to absorb over 2.5 volumes of water vapor from its own volume. And the use of this material is cheaper and more effective because, unlike traditional agents such as silicon and calcium chloride – which are also less effective – its production is more affordable even in an environment with limited access to the necessary materials.

Its ability to be fixed on almost any surface without losing its properties makes it almost the best solution of this nature. Another important difference of the presented hydrogel from the air conditioner is that it does not need electricity to isolate its properties – this already automatically makes it the most interesting solution.

Although experts have yet to conduct many experiments and tests related to identifying the possibility of the functioning of the hydrogel in unusual conditions and with unusual chemical components of a third-party nature. However, many are confident that the development of Singaporean scientists will allow in the near future to reconsider traditional methods of dealing with high humidity and uncomfortable microclimate in the context of various industrial problems.

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