Presented a new method of operation technology CRISPR

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The system of sequential gene study and modification of CRISPR has very promising possibilities for studying our genome at a new level – however, many specialists using this technique often encounter the so-called “problem of side targets”, in which the technique, when making a cut in DNA segment, makes some additional, thereby damaging the cells in other parts of the segment, and the inability to quickly detect this incision can lead to unpredictable consequences. That is why the team of specialists from the Gladstone Institute presented its new method of such determination.

The method itself consists in using one of the most illustrative and most important cell regulators of the restoration of cellular integrity when registering its violation in one or another part of the DNA segment – we are talking specifically about such DNA restorer as MR11, which is the first to come to the rescue in the case of such registration. Experts, studying the mechanism and features of this regulator, came to the conclusion that it can be useful in detecting accidentally cropped sections of DNA – and they were not mistaken!

They implemented this cell in a special technique called DISCOVER-Seq, which operates in a manner similar to CRISPR-Casa9, but at the same time aims to detect and neutralize the cell gap in a particular DNA segment. Thus, specialists from the University of Gladstone not only improved the technique of CRISPR gene modification, but also shed light on some aspects related to the work of the DNA regulators themselves, rushing to help with damage to the genomic regions.

And this means that in the near future we will have a noticeably reworked and more efficient way of genetic modification and genetic engineering based on the notorious technology of sequential genetic study of CRISPR. So far, it remains to wait for new news from professionals regarding those or other moments directly related to their new DISCOVER-Seq equipment, which is becoming more and more multifunctional and interesting.

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