Poultry may be behind a new outbreak of salmonellosis in the US

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Some time ago, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a special report regarding the registration of a new outbreak of Salmonella virus in 48 states of America – then the Center's experts assumed that the main reason for the development and spread of salmonellosis lies in pets. However, a new phase of the study of this virus outbreak showed that scientists made a little mistake in choosing a target distributor – it turned out to be domestic hens who are responsible for more than 30% of reported cases of salmonellosis among Americans who had time to replenish statistics since mid-June of this year.

Since June 13, specialists from the Center have registered more than 489 cases of salmonellosis in the territory of 48 states – a total of 768 cases have been registered since January 1 of this year in 2019. Experts analyze the true reasons for the development and spread of the new outbreak in the new statistical supplement of the report. salmonellosis came to the conclusion that it was the domestic chickens and other birds that most likely served as the main risk factor for salmonellosis – because 237 patients had previously reported that th e poultry before you find yourself in the signs of the disease.

So far, experts have not reported any deaths – apparently, all new cases of salmonellosis have been successfully and effectively eliminated in the near future, and therefore have not been seen as critical. However, scientists from the CDC Center recommend that citizens refrain from contacting poultry and at first avoid consuming large amounts of white meat that has not undergone authorized processing.

It is worth noting the fact that, despite the early mistakes of specialists from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, were primarily due to the inability to establish the root cause of a new outbreak of salmonellosis, they are now more than sure that the virus will certainly mutate and spread to new carriers . That is why several teams of specialists are currently working on a neutralization vaccine against the virus.

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