Popular food supplement recalled in the USA

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Today it became known that the Federal Commission for Food and Drug Administration of the United States decided to withdraw one of the specialized prebiotic food additives from circulation, pointing out a rather serious problem of plastic contamination – earlier several consumers turned to the Commission complaining that they had found excessively a large number of microplastics in their prebiotics. Having examined the case in more detail, the Commission’s responsible experts confirmed the fact of the excessive amount of plastic and decided to withdraw from the commercial sale two whole configurations of this additive – namely Benefiber Healthy Shape Prebiotic Fiber and its Non-healthy configuration.

Both prebiotics are quite popular and common dietary supplements that improve digestion and eliminate some of the problems associated with the health and variety of the intestinal biome – in particular, the majority of users of this compound use it to help organize a healthy intestinal biome. However, having conducted its own investigation, the US Federal Food and Drug Administration Quality Control Commission found that the microplastic content of these products exceeds all limits acceptable for the safety and health of users, thus opening the case for the removal of this type of prebiotic from a wide commercial course in the United States .

It became known that at this point in time, five lots of this prebiotic were seized, so experts were able to cover most of the states of the country. However, their work is not yet finished, and they are awaiting a new stage in the selection and search for commercial outlets where these prebiotics can still be sold.

In general, the presented nutritional supplements, although they are very popular and in demand among a wide number of users, are still not one of a kind – and therefore the responsible public awareness team from the CDC Center and the FDA itself issued a report on what else nutritional supplements can be purchased to replace these.

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