Popular anti-heartburn drug can be dangerous

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One of the most popular families of anti-heartburn drugs this time became the subject of a thorough medical investigation in connection with the results of new research by specialists from the Washington Medical School in the USA – the fact is that the research showed a 17% higher risk of developing a wide range of cardiovascular and cancer. We are talking about the so-called PPI-family of anti-burnout drugs – proton inhibitors – which are in fact associated with an increased risk of premature death. Results were also based on some previous studies and analyzes.

The study was based on the study of the medical base of patients at several American hospitals from 2002 to 2004 — more than 214.467 adult patients took this group of inhibitors throughout this entire treatment period.

However, a separate group of patients also took a new class of drugs H2, which has a blocking effect – then it was a novelty. After checking the medical data and the testimony of patients and their attending physicians, experts from Washington found that about 150,000 patients who regularly took the PPI-class anti-heartburn drugs have about 17% more risk of developing a whole spectrum of cardiovascular and oncological diseases compared to with the group that received only H2 blockers as a control group. The results were really eloquent.

Thus, experts from Washington noted the fact that, based on the illustrated information, they were able to answer to a greater degree the question of how dangerous the use of the PPI-family of drugs for heartburn is. However, the medical specialists themselves say that they would like to conduct some additional clinical-type tests and clarify some statistical points related to the regulation of certain health factors, but there is no reason to doubt the information received

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