Poor systematic sleep reduces the intake of beneficial vitamins.

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Poor sleep is a real scourge of many modern people, but for various reasons – basically it is the result of not too measured and calm lifestyle. Be that as it may, bad sleep itself can lead to a variety of diseases, and indirectly – as reported today by experts from the US Centers for Disease Control, together with colleagues from the American Society of Nutrition. The basis of their new research was the relationship between poor and unbalanced sleep patterns and the consumption of fewer essential microelements and vitamins necessary for a healthy and long life.

In particular, in the course of his statistical research — which included mostly adults — the scientists found that if an adult gets less than seven hours of sleep a day, he is less likely to consume items such as vitamin D, vitamin A, zinc and niacin. At the same time, research scientists somehow rely on other factors, such as the consumption of large amounts of sugars, fats and complex carbohydrates, which can be extremely difficult for the digestive system.

Moreover, their systematic consumption can make sleep even more unstable. So, a new study by American nutritionists in one way or another concerns the proper consumption of food and obtaining the required amount of daily sleep – otherwise, according to statistics, such people with a markedly higher percentage of probability develop in themselves any chronic diseases, most often associated with maintaining the right heart rhythm and blood.

It is worth noting the fact that poor sleep can be caused by drug factors – in this case, people are even more likely to develop various diseases. The appetite, therefore, is a reflection of the fact that a person gets his share of sleep per day – however, the researchers want to conduct several more work sessions in order to double-check some data and finally present a full-fledged report to the public.

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