Poor sleep patterns can affect pressure.

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It is no secret that various systematic violations of sleep patterns can lead to rather unpleasant consequences – from an increase in blood pressure to the onset and development of cardiovascular diseases. However, a new study from the University of Arizona showed that in fact even a single case of poor sleep can cause the development of this spectrum of diseases, albeit in a remote perspective – the team of experts came to such conclusions soon after conducting their preliminary tests of a sufficiently detailed nature that included more than 300 adult participants who were under observation.

The experiment itself lasted only a few days and during the whole period participants aged 21 to 70 wore special portable blood pressure and body temperature meters – all participants came from families that did not have any genetic problems with heart function. Some of them deliberately violated the usual pattern of sleep, mostly lying much later than usual – this was done in order to illustrate the most detailed nature of the relationship between poor sleep and blood pressure.

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At the end of the experiment, scientists from the University of Arizona took readings of the devices and found that in fact even one or two sessions of disturbing the usual sleep pattern with a high degree of probability increased blood pressure, which continued to remain elevated even several hours after waking up – which can a sign that it may be reborn in the future into something more serious from the point of view of the cardiovascular system.

Thus, a new study by American researchers clearly demonstrated that even a short-term disruption of the usual and healthy sleep pattern can lead to a different spectrum of problems with the cardiovascular system in the distant future – because high blood pressure is only the first sign of such a serious set of diseases.

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