Poor sleep may be more strongly associated with depression than expected

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Today, a talented team of behavioral scientists from the University of York in the UK presented the results of their new study on the potential relationship between sleep and depression – the fact that the experts wanted to establish how much sleep deprivation affects the ability to suppress negative thoughts and images in the mind, even as a person constantly practices to do this. It turned out that sleep is most closely associated with depression as such and its absence for even a short time can lead to serious changes in thinking patterns, and this may well hide a certain brain chemistry.

It's worth noting that sleep deprivation is a really common stressor in today's world for a variety of reasons – many people do experience systemic sleep problems due to a variety of factors, but in a new study, a team of experts illustrated a hypothetical situation with prolonged insomnia. After selecting 60 candidates for the experiment, the scientists first asked them to imagine as negative or sad scenes and thoughts as possible in their heads, and then divided them into two teams – the first slept normally, and the second experienced sleep deprivation.

After several days of such an experiment, the researchers showed subjects different portraits of people with a sad motive and found that the sleep deprivation group experienced significantly more difficulties in suppressing negative emotions, even with the course of practice and time, after restarting normally. sleep.

Such results in the most direct way indicate the important fact that a normal sleep pattern is perhaps the most important point in relation to which one should focus on the general psychological and psycho-emotional state of a person. However, the study itself is also of a certain theoretical nature, since scientists talk about the need to produce a more accurate sample and over a much longer period. It remains only to wait for the final completion of the current experiment.

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