Platinum hearing aids will help return your hearing almost completely

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Every person in his life has faced serious health problems. Sometimes they are critical, significantly affecting the whole future life of a person, and sometimes insignificant, which are treated without any consequences. However, right now it will be a question of such a problem as deafness. Yes, very many people who suffer from this disease can find a solution to their problem in special hearing aids. Well, more severe cases when a person has damage to the inner ear, or problems with the auditory nerve, are even subject to treatment with implants of the brain stem. Yes, very often this helps to restore the hearing, but it is almost never possible to completely restore it. Nevertheless, very soon everything can change dramatically, because scientists have developed a completely new, more suitable implant for the human body – an electrode implant. What is its feature? The fact that it uses absolutely safe elastic platinum for electrodes for the human body. Yes, platinum is quite hard metal, and in order to overcome its usual stiffness, it undergoes rigorous processing at the micron level.

Then, the resulting material is wrapped in silicone, but at the same time, platinum still retains extremely high conductivity and is even able to adhere very tightly to the auditory stem of the brain and, as a result, transmit a significantly larger number of target signals than a conventional implant. This is indeed a very significant event, because the scientists even managed to test the new implant on mice, and the result was very positive. Nevertheless, there is not enough time left before the full implementation of this technology in medicine, since the development and improvement of the implant will take more than one month. At the moment, the team of scientists is working on creating the most optimal test conditions for the recently created version of a human-sized implant, which in the near future can be used in surgery. Testing at least something in people is a very serious, dangerous and responsible thing, and that is why scientists are not going to rush, because both human health and a lifetime can be at stake. In any case, the scientists ’mood is extremely optimistic at the moment, and if everything goes smoothly, the new platinum implant will be able to restore hearing much better than what medicine is capable of today. And yes, even though work is underway on restoration of hearing, the technology used in this could potentially serve in other places, such as restoration of the spine, brain, and so on.

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