Plant diets can be dangerous in some circumstances.

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It is no secret that a plant diet and diet, mainly based on the consumption of plant crops, can actually improve the physiological state and well-being of a person – however, according to many experts in the field of biology and nutrition, this should not be overly carried away. So a new study straight from the University of Oregon presented the first preliminary results of how dangerous the excessive consumption of certain plant products can be, both with an almost complete absence of outside consumption of animals and with an excessive emphasis on their own consumption of food.

Oregon researchers have made several experiments of a comparative nature, during which they studied the relationship between the consumption of certain plant foods and crops and the increased risk of the emergence and development of various serious diseases. It turned out that not only those people who do not get enough vitamin B12, which is widespread in meat and animal products, are at risk, but also those who are overly addicted to certain legumes and fruit products.

Among the most harmful were the following – the fruits of lychee, cassava, cassava and aki tree. However, it is worth noting the important fact that we are talking about the danger of these products only if they are abused – although in the absence of third-party consumption of animal products, it will be quite difficult for a person to digest them without risk to their health.

Thus, another study on the real degree of safety of plant foods replenishes a number of similar ones, many of which indicate the fact that a pure plant diet can do more harm than good, especially in the presence of any immune or digestive diseases in the background . So, with regard to the new study, some additions and comments can already be expected, although experts say that in the near future we can return to the results.

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