Plant-based diets can vary in their degree of benefit

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Not all plant-based diets that emphasize plant-based foods and avoid animal consumption can be equally beneficial and interesting for the same people. What's more, it has become known today, thanks to the published results of one talented team of nutritional researchers at the Public Institute of Health at Harvard University, that certain types of plant-based diets can be noticeably more harmful than others, and therefore it is worth looking at only the most proven long-term perspective. This is exactly what researchers from this center are doing today.

In particular, dietitians at Harvard University have found that plant-based diets that focus solely on whole grains, legumes, and leafy plants have the highest health and safety scores in both the short and long term – which cannot be said. about those plant-based diets and diets dominated by potatoes and processed grains in combination with a sweetener.

Of course, scientists point out that the composition of a particular diet will be more dependent on the needs and characteristics of a particular person, but in general, we can say that the first option of a plant-based diet is truly universal – the results of the study showed that it can reduce the risk of heart attack and various chronic diseases by an additional 10% compared to similar configurations of plant-based diets in general.

In addition, it can be said with absolute certainty that those options and configurations of Western plant-based diets do not fully reflect all the most interesting and indicative aspects and markers for improving overall health – in other words, Harvard nutritionists advise paying more attention to those plant-based diet options. which are formulated by crossing Western and Eastern food rations, which allows the best balance of the diet as such.

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