Placebo Pills Can Be Equally More Effective than Medicines: A Study

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Research in the field of placebo cannot but surprise even the most sophisticated specialists in this matter, especially when it comes to studying the effect of placebo on certain parts of the brain. That is why a team of medical researchers from Northwestern University of the United States decided to put their own experiment, with the participation of patients suffering from chronic headaches of varying degrees of complexity and origin. Looking ahead, it can be noted that the results were really impressive and incredible, since in many patients taking a placebo, the effect of reducing pain continued even after a placebo warning.

Such an interesting result, according to experts, is achieved mainly due to the brain biology common to some patients from the placebo group – the experts carefully examined the patterns and features, finding that all patients who reported a decrease in pain symptom have similar features in the structure of the brain and psychology. For example, they found that in the vast majority of placebo patients, the right emotional side of the brain is slightly larger than the left, which signals certain changes in the psychological portrait.

Such people are more sensitive and inclined to trust, thereby preparing their own brain for the fact that a placebo will really help. It is worth noting that even when these patients were informed that they were given a dummy, they still continued to report improvement in their well-being, which indicates that everything is contained in the brain. More precisely, everything is connected with certain mechanisms of changing the functioning of the brain in a certain situation. At the same time, specialists also checked their indicators with indicators from two other control groups.

These groups consisted of patients who took real painkillers and those who did not take anything at all. Comparing the indicators and finding some similarities, experts noted that the placebo effect has a longer effect and character, if there is a certain psychological and neurobiological community in the patients. However, as it becomes clear from the results of the experiment, this method does not work for all patients.

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