Pistachios help lower blood pressure

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Increased blood pressure is observed in people of almost all age categories. The exception, perhaps, is made by children, but even here everything is not so unequivocal: such cases still became not as rare as they were before.

The main danger of such a disruption of the cardiovascular system is that a sharp jump in blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attack, as well as other pathological processes that are equally life-threatening. A distinctive feature of such diseases is a high risk of death. This can be prevented if you look after your health and take medications in a timely manner, which is far from being done by every hypertensive person.

Scientists have decided to find out if there is a more pleasant alternative to medical drugs to stabilize blood pressure. And this turned out to be all well-known pistachios. Just one serving per day (about 100 grams) will be more than enough to minimize the risk of a sharp rise in blood pressure.

Such therapeutic effect of nuts is due to the fact that they dilate blood vessels, lowering blood pressure. But you should not abuse them, because you can earn extra pounds, which negatively affects the work of the cardiovascular system.

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