Pharmaceutical company Pfizer talks about COVID-19 vaccine

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Today, the head of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the United States, called Pfizer, told what to and what not to expect from the upcoming vaccine against the new type of coronavirus COVID-19 – first of all, it became known that Pfizer is actively developing such a vaccine and at this time moment of time as close as possible to the more or less final chemical structure of the vaccine. However, as pointed out by Albert Bourla, who is the executive director of Pfizer, even in the case of the most optimistic state of affairs, we can hardly expect the release and mass distribution of the vaccine before the end of this year.

Of course, many other pharmaceutical companies and scientific teams are constantly working to develop the kind of chemical formula for the COVID-19 vaccine that could be the most universal for most cases and people – but this is the main difficulty, since it is very difficult to predict the consequences and potential long-term side effects of the vaccine. For its part, the management of Pfizer says that already at this point in time it has come close to understanding how exactly a vaccine should be made and around what chemical agents should be built its formula.

On the other hand, most international health experts predict that this kind of vaccine is unlikely to be expected until the mid-summer of next 2021, as scientists – and in particular Pfizer – will need to conduct a lengthy pre-sampling study of potential side effects and the ultimate effectiveness of the vaccine in the long term.

Of course, it is still too early to say how high-quality and interesting the presented experiment of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer will turn out to be around the development and testing of a vaccine against COVID-19, but we can definitely say that the company already has significant experience behind it in this sense – and therefore one can hardly doubt that she will not be able, sooner or later, to complete her work to the end, providing the public with any effective and interesting coronavirus vaccine in all respects.

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