Pharmaceutical company Moderna talks about the success of its COVID-19 vaccine

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Pharmaceutical company Moderna today presented the results of its third stage of clinical testing of its own vaccine against the new type of coronavirus COVID-19 – the fact is that the company has been doing these tests for quite some time and, in general, offers its own approach to the possibility of finally defeating this disease. It became known, in particular, that the Moderna company proposed to the general public a new format of the vaccine called mRNA-1273, which uses a special complex of antibodies previously collected from many control groups of patients who have had coronavirus.

The use of antibodies as the main tool and weapon in the fight against a particular disease is nothing particularly new and interesting in this medical vein, since specialists in the field of pharmaceutical medicine have been using this approach for a fairly long time. However, the main feature of Moderna's new mRNA-1273 vaccine is its focus on the use of very different types of groups of such antibodies, while many others focus on one type of group.

As a result of a recent Phase III study of this vaccine, in a group of 196 patients with COVID-19 – 11 of whom had a very severe form of the disease – the vaccine proved to be positive in 94.5% of cases. In other words, the presented vaccine format really deserves to be soon approved by the FDA for use as one of the most effective emergency care measures for patients with COVID-19.

Nevertheless, it is still difficult to say how correct and interesting this approach is in general, since it focuses on the use of only one configuration of such a vaccine in principle – and therefore it remains to await further clinical trials and tests regarding the performance of the vaccine in various third-party conditions. You can, however, be sure that the research team will present the best configurations of their development at the most crucial moment.

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