Pfizer shares the success of its COVID-19 vaccine

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Coronavirus infection continues to have a serious impact on the daily life of the vast majority of people – however, it is worth noting the fact that some research teams and pharmaceutical clinics continue to show better and more successful results in their vaccine tests than others. This is why today a responsible team of medical technologists from the US Food and Drug Administration released a special report on the future and status of one of the most promising COVID 19 vaccines in the US to date, the Pfizer vaccine.

In particular, this vaccine was developed by the pharmaceutical holding Pfizer in the USA together with the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech, which, for its part, made a significant contribution to changing the original chemical structure of the vaccine in order to teach it to attack and successfully get rid of even more bacterial particles. Thus, according to the recently conducted large-scale testing of this vaccine in America, scientists managed to achieve about 95% success, and in the absence of any dangerous or even noticeable side effects.

This efficacy of the new vaccine is primarily due to the fact that it is more aimed at being used as a pharmaceutical platform than in the format of a conventional medicine, but the current indicators clearly speak in favor of the fact that it can already deserve such a title. soon. In addition, it should be noted that we are talking about testing the vaccine at the third stage – that is, already at the last stage.

In other words, we can say that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, together with the German company BioNTech, have done a really large-scale and noticeable work in this direction, and therefore additional tests should be expected in the very near future. There is a possibility that this vaccine will already begin its wide course in mid-December of this year in the United States, but with regard to the rest of the world, it remains only to guess when and if it will get its implementation at all.

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