Pfizer is working to improve the way its vaccine is stored

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Today, representatives of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer presented something really interesting regarding additional tests of their proprietary vaccine against the new type of coronavirus – according to them and the results, the vaccine turned out to be even more reliable and resistant to various external factors than originally thought. However, one of the most significant problems is the problem of efficient storage and transportation of this vaccine outside the laboratory, since its initial temperature threshold should not exceed -60 degrees Celsius, which creates certain difficulties for distributors.

The fact is that, despite its general ease of transportation relative to the basic design, the Pfizer vaccine itself has some features and nuances that distributors simply cannot pass by – firstly, it is the need to keep it within the framework of high and low resistance. temperatures of containers, and secondly, a limited margin of time for possible storage and use of the vaccine for the end user.

That is why, at this point in time, a team of material engineering specialists from Pfizer is considering various possibilities and features associated with vaccination and storage of the vaccine as such – so far it is only known that the company has already created special containers for temporary storage of the vaccine that allow it to be kept in working order. condition up to 30 days, which is also a good result. Although there will inevitably arise some problems associated with the distribution and storage of the coronavirus vaccine.

Overall, Pfizer continues to pursue its quest to provide the most compact, efficient and in all respects rational way to distribute its vaccine, but at this point in time it remains to await a final decision on the part of the company's management – as this issue remains one of the most pressing and priority for the fastest possible solution, because vaccination of the population around the world depends on it.

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