Painkillers can cause serious illness.

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No matter how paradoxical it may sound, drugs can have the opposite effect, that is, lead to serious pathological processes in which there is a high risk of a lethal outcome.

Thus, according to the results of clinical studies, it was found that the most well-known and most popular painkillers can trigger a stroke or any other cardiovascular disease. The Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Celecoxib, Naproxen, Mefenamic Acid were included in the black list.

Scientists have made such conclusions after studying clinical pictures of 56,000 people, in their personal history of which there is increased pressure. It was found that one patient per 330 people had a stroke or a heart attack after consuming “Ibuprofen”. But in the case of the drug "Celecoxib" the situation is even worse – a cardiovascular disease or an attack was diagnosed in one patient for 105 patients.

The safest, so to speak, is "Mefenamic acid" – a heart attack or stroke occurred in one person per 394 patients.

Such research results once again indicate that the use of any drugs, especially if there are chronic diseases, without a doctor's prescription can lead to extremely negative consequences.



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