Oxford specialists develop new nasal vaccine for COVID-19

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It is no secret that an effective fight against coronavirus infection – as with any other virus – consists in the correct selection and use of the appropriate equipment and type of vaccine. That is why a team of researchers from Oxford University today made an official statement regarding their intention to soon test a new format of the coronavirus vaccine, which is to administer the vaccine through nasal administration. So far, little is known about exactly what Oxford University is planning for this vaccine option, as all information is kept secret.

However, it can be assumed that, most likely, we are talking about offering people a much simpler and safer version of the coronavirus vaccine to administer, which could be delivered directly to the respiratory tract and brain, bypassing various internal barriers of a natural nature. In addition, unlike standard intramuscular injection using syringes and related accessories – which often cause discomfort and sometimes provoke dramatic negative side effects – this new nasal type of coronavirus vaccine may be more popular and easier to administer.

At the moment, it is only known that a team of responsible researchers from Oxford University plans to conduct several sessions of such testing of a new nasal vaccine, and the vast majority of the subjects will be selected from among local students, who, of course, must give their consent to the experiment.

In general, such a non-invasive approach to vaccine administration definitely has its advantages and interesting features, but it is still difficult to say how high-quality and problem-free the testing complex itself will be – it is quite possible that over time, researchers will have to change some additional nuances and aspects related to the technical side of the work of such a nasal vaccine, which is important in this aspect.

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