Over-processed food can cause a new spectrum of disease.

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New research on the effects of consumption of over-processed food — mostly of a semi-finished type — continues to directly and indirectly point to the wide range of harmful phenomena that are born from this. Here and two new studies, combined in one by the efforts of specialists from several European universities, demonstrated that the systematic consumption of such food can lead not only to an increased risk of cancer, but also to an increased risk of developing a wide range of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases for all categories people.

The first study was compiled by the staff of the scientific journal The BMJ and focused around the study of the diet of more than 105,000 adult French people who have between 25% and 60% of over-processed food intake in their diets. Under this category of food actually gets quite a lot of varieties of products, such as ready-made soups, cereals, snacks and more.

And the second study is from Spain and included a study of the diet and health characteristics of more than 20 thousand adult participants, who also had a high proportion of consumption of this type of food. In the course of a detailed and detailed meta-analysis, experts found that systematically consuming these foods increases the risk of developing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases by about 18% – and this show is average, varying depending on age, climate and life characteristics of each individual an adult.

It becomes clear that the subject of such research is more and more interesting and multidimensional, capturing a variety of areas of science. Nevertheless, European specialists in nutrition and food biology say that it is necessary to reduce the consumption of this kind of food as efficiently as possible in order to reduce these risks of developing diseases.

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