Orthopedic memory for people may soon become reality

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A joint team of scientists from Wake Forest Medical Center and the University of Southern California today demonstrated a unique computer model that allows the use of patterns of memories and human brain activity to increase the efficiency of the brain to decrypt and restore memories – such an interesting result has already been described in the scientific journal Journal of Neural Engineering. There, experts described all the intricacies of using this computer model, with which it became possible to increase the efficiency of the short-term memory of the subjects to 37%, which is an unusual result.

Lead leader of a research project, Robert Hampson, points out that this experiment was the first of its kind, which allowed scientists to come closer to determining how the brain can decipher memory patterns and how to increase the efficiency of this process. This computer model of MIMO is a multifunctional model for measuring the activity of neurons during the involvement of certain sections of the hippocampus – the area responsible for generating memories.

Using special implantable electrodes of precise action, experts observed several subjects diagnosed with some form of epilepsy who had problems with episodic memory loss. Thus, by “launching” these electrodes and measuring brain activity, scientists came to the conclusion that with the help of this system model it is possible to really improve the brain’s ability not only to generate, but also to store memories.

Moreover, the results relate not only to episodic memory, but also long-term. Patients were screened in accordance with all the rules and standards, so that no technical deviations were detected during the experiment. However, at the moment, scientists are trying to understand some aspects related to the work of certain areas of the hippocampus responsible for long-term memory.

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