Opening representative office Unimed in Minsk

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The cost of treatment in Belarusian clinics
Which clinic represents Unimed in Belarus
Benefits of treatment with Unimed

In recent years, Belarusian medicine confidently occupies a leading position and may well compete with such leading countries in the field of health care as Israel, America, Austria. Statistics show that the clinics of Belarus achieve excellent results of treatment in various areas, and their success is in no way inferior to the leading clinics of Western medicine. At the same time, the cost of medical services is several times lower than in European clinics.

In this regard, the Unimed coordination center decided to open its representative office in the Republic of Belarus. This will allow our patients to receive high-quality effective treatment at an affordable price. Opening its branch in Belarus, Unimed represents the best clinics in this country and organizes treatment for foreign patients here.

Now everyone who needs high-quality diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and rehabilitation can receive timely assistance in Belarus.

Payment of the treatment and diagnostic process is made by the patient directly to the clinic and at the prices of this clinic.

The cost of treatment in Belarusian clinics

In most post-Soviet countries, the level of medicine is not at an appropriate level, and the high level of prices in foreign countries with developed medicine discourages potential patients from the desire and ability to undergo treatment there. In addition to the high quality of medical services provided, treatment in Belarus is quite inexpensive.

Unimed claims that now anyone can get high-quality medical care at an affordable price – in Belarus.

The exact cost of treatment will help you determine the specialist company. To do this, you must contact us by filling out the contact form on the site, or using the contacts listed on the site.

One thing is certain, the cost of treatment in Belarus will be significantly lower than in the United States, Europe, and even Israel.

Which clinic represents Unimed in Belarus

The representative office of Unimed is located in one of the leading clinics of Minsk – Alexandrov Cancer Center.

In addition, the company works with several well-known clinics of Belarus:

RSPP OMR them. Alexandrova is a multidisciplinary cancer center providing its patients with innovative medical care. Alexandrov Clinic is widely known far beyond the borders of the country; every year thousands of foreign patients visit it. Brilliant oncologists, advanced equipment, effective methods of treatment, experimental oncology – all this makes the cure of cancer even successful in the later stages;

The Belarusian Center for Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology is a modern medical facility that provides quality care in treating severe pathologies in children. Established with the active participation of the government of the Republic of Belarus and Austria, the clinic uses the most effective methods, and the cure rates of young patients do not lag behind those in Israel and the United States. The Children's Oncology Center is the only one in the entire post-Soviet space that performs bone marrow transplantation to children.

The 6th Minsk City Clinical Hospital provides specialized assistance in areas such as gynecology and obstetrics, orthopedics, traumatology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, surgery, rheumatology, cardiology, obesity treatment, and thorough laboratory and apparatus diagnostics. Foreign patients have the opportunity to use special programs;

The 2nd Minsk City Clinical Hospital is one of the leading clinics in Belarus, representing high-quality treatment in areas such as cardiology, surgery, cardiac surgery, pulmonology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, therapy, neurology, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy. The clinic uses advanced diagnostic and treatment methods: endoscopy, minimally invasive surgery, angiography, etc.

Benefits of treatment with Unimed

treatment with UnimedTreatment with Unimed is:

Absolutely legal and documented treatment in advanced clinics;
No need to choose a clinic and appeal to it. Simply contact Unimed, and you will be selected the optimal treatment;
The solution of all organizational issues related to traveling abroad;
Transparency of payment, no overpayments, the availability of a system of discounts in clinics;
Control throughout the entire treatment process.

Today, treatment in Belarus is becoming an important area in the development of medical tourism – every year an increasing number of patients from different countries come here, not only from the post-Soviet space, but from developed, but expensive medicine countries.


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